• Intensive foreign language courses

30 hours ( general and for special purpose, beginner,intermediate, advanced)

  • Intensive foreign language courses on the company premises

30 hours (general and for special purpose, beginner,intermediate, advanced)

  • Intensive Romanian language courses as a second language (foreigners with residency in Romania)
  • Conversation courses in foreign languages or Romanian language

(general and for special purpose, beginner, intermediate, advanced)

  • One-to-one teaching
  • Romanian as a second language for Erasmus students

( general, introduction to civilization, beginner, intermediate, advanced)

  • Language proficiency examination     80 lei
  • Examination (and certificate issuance)

Same-day fee  150 lei+50 lei

  • ECL preparation and examination (Certificate of language competence in modern languages)

Registration for ECL examination 110 lei

ECL Exam 85 euro-full exam

50 euro-partial exam

(see https://ecl.org.ro/ro/)

-The fee amount depends on the number of students in a group and the selected number of sessions;

-In case of withdrawal, the candidate can be reimbursed only after notifying in writing about this action, 48 hours advance;

-The lectures are customized to match the academic needs of the participants;

-The companies will benefit from a customized presentation.